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Our story

"As an active student, finding activewear that was functional, stylish,  locally-sourced and budget-friendly was tough. After cutting the sleeves off of countless tees to manage, I decided if I can't find something I love, why not make it? This spurred the creation of Reverley Athletic - active and loungewear grounded in functionality, style and simplicity."

-Kim, Founder

Active + lounge

Reverley Athletic aims to create garments that effortlessly adapt to whatever the day throws your way.  By combining classic and minimalist styles with technical fabrics, we've come up with perfectly wearable and versatile pieces.  So whether you want to relax or perform, Reverley transitions with you.  

Moving freely

We love that physical activity can help boost the body as well as the mind. Health and fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all, and creating balance in life is a unique process for each individual.  We want you to feel comfortable when you move, no matter how you decide to do it. 

Handcrafted in Canada

We value knowing and seeing exactly where our clothing is being made, which is why everything we produce is designed and manufactured in Toronto.  Because Reverley clothing is made locally to us, we're able to closely oversee the development process in order to create exceptional garments. 

10% of profits goes to